IDEA at strong resistance. Break or Make?

IDEA Cellular – Price action analysis

IDEA has reached its strong resistance zone again. Let us go through the charts.

Weeklytechnical chart of IDEA

From peak of 2015 , IDEA was running downward till Jan 2017. From January, it has started some indication of returning to UP trend. From there, it has made a triangular pattern where it tested the support trendline two times. Lets move on to daily chart.

Daily technical chart of IDEA

There is a 100% sell sentiments among the traders. If it breaks the current support ,it can fall down to 68 level.

If it jumps back from the support line, It can be a chance to buy as it is bouncing back from its long term resistance of 72.

LIVE chart to get the updates

IDEA at weekly support by infra204 on

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