JETAIRWAYS – Positional – BUY- Time to enter – 04/09/2017

Technical charts in different time formats are confirmed to enter in to JETAIRWAY once again.

lets have a look at the different time frames from higher to lower.

Monthly chart

You can see in monthly chart, JET is clearly in an uptrend, even though it is nearing to a long term resistance. But if you analyse the trend formation, it is already a higher low than the previous low in monthly chart. It says it has the potential to make a higher high. Lets hope for the best.
Weekly Chart

Let’s have a look at the weekly chart. It clearly shows it is in uptrend channel. Also you must have noticed that it has came back from upper line of channel to lower support. Next most probable move must be a upward rally. Lets go to daily and RENKO to confirm the same.

Daily chart

So this is where I conclude to my entry and exit points. I can see the upper resistance trend line in clearly broken. This should start a rally for next few days to weeks. To give move of 100+ points. Lets have a looke at RENKO also.
RENKO chart
This is to double confirm that your technical analysis can be a successful one or not. RENKO also gives a positive signal for entry.
Unless there is any bad news or incidents, this should be a clear winner.
Best wishes to you.

Watch the live update of JETAIRWAYS here
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